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and leisure activities in urban waterways

The Europe's biggest gathering of scooters !

425 scooters 

That was June 23 2018 in Lille. Next record in 2020

Come and join us at this big Scooter Party, take part in our giant ride if you are 3 to 83 years old, try an electric scooter, pass your scooter license test, see the demos of the foot bikers, free stylers and long boarders, sell or buy your scooter, ...

The scooter is one of the possible solutions for replacing the car in the city and help protect our climate and our planet.

1) The giant 2000 miles ride !

  • 3.33 km course on the new esplanade near the Citadel of Lille
  • It's free. Participants bring their own scooter. But it is also possible to book in advance and rent a scooter for 3 €. Hurry though as number is limited. 
  • Participants can choose to do one, two or three circuits. Three tours (10 kms) is best and  easily completed in 45 to 60 minutes
  • You register alone or with your family or team. Children from 3 to 6 years can participate on the march with an adult.
  • Prizes and awards:
    • In a raffle, great prizes for the participants
    • A Podium of participating 3-generation families
    • Awards to associations, schools, communities, most represented companies
    • Title of Mr and Miss scooter according to a panel of judges (speed, control and especially elegance)
  • What matters is collectively covering as many kilometers as possible, and to be as numerous as possible.

2) The record for the Europe's largest gathering of scooters

The judge will attest to the number of scooters. 500? 1000? More ?
Bring all your friends, your family, your colleagues, your classmates, all your neighbors, your facebook friends, everyone.
We will count:

  • the number of scooters of the giant 3000 km ride
  • foot bikers in the demonstration
  • the sellers' scooters, normal or electric
  • the scooters of the free style animation
  • the scooters of the animation courses for adults and toddlers
  • the collectors' vintage scooters
  • no, we will not count the long boards but they are also welcome.

That will make such a picture !

3) The program

The RdV is in Lille, at the Citadel car park, here on this plan.

3 pm : Reception of the public at 3 pm and beginning of the animations

Next to the course, tests for all of:

  • footbike
  • long board
  • free style
  • electric and non-electric scooters
  • second hand sales
  • adult and child scooter (parcours) 

from 3 pm to 5 pm :

  • Checking of subscriptions, allocation of a number for prize draws. Last minute registrations
  • Demonstrations of free style, long board, and foot bike

5:30 pm : Photo by the judge and departure of the giant ride

7:00 pm : Race of foot bikes by the champions.

7:30 pm :

  • Awards ceremony
  • Announcement of the miles you have done and the record of scooters reached.

9:00 pm : We all go home. On scooter of course!

4) Register yourself

All activities are free and the giant ride of 2000 miles is also free with registration.
You can register alone or in a team. Make sure your team is as large as possible. In particular, we will highlight the most represented teams in each category, and families made up of 3 generations (4 if you can).

If nedessary you can also rent your scooter, for only 3 Euros. Hurry because the number available is limited. 

The 3000 kms and this record are possible thanks to our events partners. Organized by Le Grand Huit with the help of the City of Lille, OXELO, Micro, Altermove this event will also succeed thanks to all the volunteers, and thanks to the following partners and companies :




This is definitely the summer of the scooter. In Lomme for the school children who pass the Grand Huit's scooter license, at Codifis whose employees try out our scooters for a month to get to work, at the Joinville le Pont summer party and of course during our famous guided tours of Lille and the historic heart of Paris.

Eight brand new crazy bikes have joined Le Grand Huit this 1st of may. Weird, rare, unknown, for some of them we don't even have found a name, yet. But this one is the Monster, presented by our brand new guide Elisa. Will she success on the bike ?? Welcome Elisa ! 

Inauguration of the brand new Paddling section of Le Grand Huit in Amiens this Week End 06/07th of april . No need to get to to Venice. You will surf at the foot of the Gothic cathedral and in through the unique maze of l little canals running through garden plots known as “hortillonages”. Whether you are an experienced paddler or just a beginner, you are welcome.