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and leisure activities in urban waterways


Stand Up Paddle is a sport which has seen a spectacular growth over the last 5 years
It is a very good activity for body and heart, not violent for muscles and joints
Anyone can do it , from 10 to 70 years old. And you don't need to have kilos of muscles to be very good and agile at this sport.
More and more races are organized, at the seaside in the world, but also on rivers, canals, alpine lakes.

Our club, affiliated to French Federation of Surf, with about 100 members licensed, is now the biggest club in France. And utterly enough not at the seaside !

This year we are organizing 3 competitions :

1)     L’Eau Vive 18 and 19 th of May, in Joinville le Pont (Paris), a big Paddle event and also promoting water and sustainable developpment. Subscribe there.

2)     Le Raid des Canaux, 6th and 7th of july, 60 kms around coutryside north of France and belgium Flander . With 6 racing parts. Join us there 

3)     The Lille Paddle Race, 16th of june , long distance and sprints. Subscribe there.

Our champions :

    • Arthur Arutkin, ranked number one in the world (APP) !! . Winner of Paris Nautic Crossing 2017 
    • Yanis Maire, french junior champion 2016, winner of the gla gla race Annecy 2016 (12,6) and l'Eau Vive 2017
    • Paul Conrad Mac Dee : 4th TR french champion 2018, winner of the Lille Paddle Race 2016, and of the Gla Gla Race of Annecy 2015
    • Clément Barbouteau, winner of Lille Paddle Race 2018 and of Paris Nautic Crossing 2018 (leisure) 
    • Laurent Chenivesse : second at Raid des Canaux 2018
    • Tom Parent, second at Le Raid des Canaux 2017
    • Benjamin Vaurs : former kayak champion, ranked 48 at the french championship
    • Lylou Haetel : France vice champion (cadettes) 2017
    • Segolène Delattre : France 3d (Kahuna 12,6) 2017
    • And Cindy Journez, Charlotte Dambrine, Marie Elisabeth Masson, the podium of Le Raid des Canaux.

Our hero :

  • Claude Dhondt, nicknamed Junior, is the first man to succeed at crossing of France from North to South (1150 kms) this summer , alone on his paddleboard. 



This is definitely the summer of the scooter. In Lomme for the school children who pass the Grand Huit's scooter license, at Codifis whose employees try out our scooters for a month to get to work, at the Joinville le Pont summer party and of course during our famous guided tours of Lille and the historic heart of Paris.

Eight brand new crazy bikes have joined Le Grand Huit this 1st of may. Weird, rare, unknown, for some of them we don't even have found a name, yet. But this one is the Monster, presented by our brand new guide Elisa. Will she success on the bike ?? Welcome Elisa ! 

Inauguration of the brand new Paddling section of Le Grand Huit in Amiens this Week End 06/07th of april . No need to get to to Venice. You will surf at the foot of the Gothic cathedral and in through the unique maze of l little canals running through garden plots known as “hortillonages”. Whether you are an experienced paddler or just a beginner, you are welcome.