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This is definitely the summer of the scooter. In Lomme for the school children who pass the Grand Huit's scooter license, at Codifis whose employees try out our scooters for a month to get to work, at the Joinville le Pont summer party and of course during our famous guided tours of Lille and the historic heart of Paris.

Eight brand new crazy bikes have joined Le Grand Huit this 1st of may. Weird, rare, unknown, for some of them we don't even have found a name, yet. But this one is the Monster, presented by our brand new guide Elisa. Will she success on the bike ?? Welcome Elisa ! 

Inauguration of the brand new Paddling section of Le Grand Huit in Amiens this Week End 06/07th of april . No need to get to to Venice. You will surf at the foot of the Gothic cathedral and in through the unique maze of l little canals running through garden plots known as “hortillonages”. Whether you are an experienced paddler or just a beginner, you are welcome.